What is Buzzy?

Buzzy is a low-code platform used to build web and native apps. We've been around for a while, and focused largely on data-gathering apps and forms required for field work - offline capable, with geolocation and tons of useful features. Functional but dry. We're now bringing that into the design space (via a Figma plugin) and are excited to see what you can come up with. 

Do I have to log in to Buzzy?

Yes - but it's free, and simple. The Buzzy Figma plugin works by allowing you to markup your Figma file - when you 'publish' your app, Buzzy extracts your designed objects from the Figma file and converts them into a Buzzy app using your design, coupled with the functionality, data and behaviours you told Buzzy to use via the plugin. The plugin will guide you through the log in process.

When can we see a native app?

We're working on it right now. Buzzy itself already has native apps and a bunch of cool features (see above) - we're working to make that available via Figma, so you can use your own design as an interface, rather than the standard Buzzy UI.

Can I import data into my Buzzy app?

You can import data from a CSV, REST API or Google Docs. You'll need to dive into the Buzzy CMS, which forms the back-end of your app - we're working on adding a simpler data import wizard to the plugin to make this easier.

In the meantime, check out these docs on importing data from a URL and importing data via the Buzzy REST API. Our Recipe app example in the Figma community demonstrates this.

Can I insert my own code or widget?

Buzzy has a HTML widget which lets you use custom HTML and javascript, and runs in a sandboxed iframe. We provide a couple of ways of providing data to this, including handlebars and event messaging.

What integrations does Buzzy support?

Buzzy integrates with a variety of platforms and services, and includes options for customising your own solution. Supported options include:

  • Google maps/Open Street maps - built into the product via an 'Advanced Location field'; our original platform native app also handles offline maps and geolocation tracking, but this is not yet available via the Figma version of Buzzy.

  • Stripe - Accept payments via Stripe

  • Buzzy rules - call external REST APIs

  • Buzzy REST API - allows external applications to call in (which can also fire Buzzy rules)

  • Custom (HTML) components - add your own custom code that can interact with Buzzy data using handlebars or js

  • Buzzy importer - integration with Google Sheets, CSV files and REST APIs for importing data

  • SSO - with various authentication systems like Google and Microsoft.

How do I publish or deploy my apps?

There are 2 core deployment patterns - as a web app, and as native apps for iOS and Android. See our pricing page for details on deployment.

Do I need a deployment plan if I'm just designing or testing an app?

No, our Buzzy Creator licenses may be all you ever need. These licenses are for working in Figma with your colleagues, collaborating on designs and testing your app.

How do I get my app into our own Apple or Google (Play) store?

You'll need a deployment plan - check our pricing page for details.

Can I self-host?

Yes, this falls into our Enterprise plan - please contact us.

How come my fonts didn't come across to the published app?

You can use fonts from the catalog of Google web fonts which Figma gives automatic access to. Local fonts aren't yet supported - your published app will fall back to browser/system defaults. 

Can I control my responsive layouts and finesse @media queries?

We let you set min/max widths on your screens, and on nested layout components, plus you can turn on flex wrapping. More granular control is in the pipeline.

What about my awesome screen transitions and overlays?

Again, we're working on it - we're starting with getting basic views and overlays working, and will look at bringing in your Figma transitions soon.

Can I remove Buzzy's access permission from my Figma file after I've given it access?

Sure - just go the info tab in the plugin, and you can remove the Figma file key from Buzzy. You can also disconnect your  Figma login from Buzzy - this means you'll have to log in again the next time you launch the plugin.

Hey! You're missing (this obvious feature)!

Awesome! We're glad you took the time to check it out, and would love to hear from you - jump on Discord or email and let us know!


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