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Getting started with Buzzy

Interested in using your Figma + Buzzy skills? We're always trying to match skilled, accredited freelancers with creative thinkers who have great app ideas (but not the time or skills to do it all themselves).


This series of video lessons will step you through the creation of a simple app - beginning with basic screens and slowly introducing more advanced concepts. Each video has an accompanying example file so you can see how it's done.

Getting started videos


Learn how to create a simple multi-page app with basic navigation directly from Figma using the Buzzy plugin.

NEW! Automated screen and navigation scanning now does this for you!

Screens & nav
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Forms & fields

Learn how to create a simple live form (with working fields, submit and success actions) directly from Figma using the Buzzy plugin.

BONUS VIDEO: Advanced field settings - placeholder text, default values and more.

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Learn how to add a simple data-based menu to an app directly from your Figma design file - including pagination and a 'load more' action.


BONUS VIDEO: Displaying 'no results' messages

Data & menus
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Building on the previous video, we're creating a data-driven content screen that we can link to from our data-driven menu. As a bonus, we'll add some metadata to our content screen on the fly - with only a tiny amount of geekery. 

Data & content
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Adding to our simple data-driven app demo, we're going to enable users to edit and delete the data they've added to our app. Includes adding confirmation dialogs and success messages.

Data edit & delete
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Watch a basic introduction to the Buzzy plugin, and follow the creation of a simple 'hello world' example app.

NEW! Fixed layout mode simplifies your basic screen conversions.

Hello World
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Watch this first!

VERSION2 CHANGES: Defining and reusing fields in your Figma file should be a lot simpler with the introduction of a new 'Data' tab to contain all your field definitions. This is slightly different to how fields are defined in the demo videos below, but the overall principles and techniques haven't changed.

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