• Create native and desktop apps.

  • No need to understand code.

  • Get a working app way faster.

  • Update your app directly in Figma.

  • Get a real product in the hands of your customers in minutes not months.

  • Supercharge feedback and design iterations.


The app you've been dreaming about.

That prototype the business wants to test.

 The perfect solution for a client.

Use Buzzy to build...

How it works

  • Install the Buzzy Figma plugin

  • Connect to Buzzy with the plugin

  • Mark up your design in Figma

  • Publish

  • Made changes in Figma? Simply re-publish

You get a live web app you can edit and update directly from Figma. Colour changes? No problem. Add a new section? Done. Conduct user tests with real data and working forms? Easy.

The challenge? No engineers available!

Brett Feeney CEO Founder,  Upzondown

"Since COVID, engineers have become like gold. We eventually realised we were going to have to build it ourselves."

Upzondown helps Amazon sellers increase revenue and improve margins by calculating and visualising the entire end-to-end value chain from sourcing to delivery. Founder Brett used Buzzy to develop the app himself, direct from Figma.


"They were just a joy to work with ... if you are starting to create your own app, take a look at Buzzy - it'll make your life so much easier!"


"I love Buzzy. I would wholeheartedly recommend (Buzzy) to anyone that's thinking of getting involved with a codeless app. It was an amazing experience, incredible customer service."

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Create working apps directly from Figma without coding.

Design, test and deploy working apps with real data, user-generated content and live forms without leaving Figma.